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Really hope to hear back- other than that, the thing is fine. Please help me fix i. Between you and Ben I was able to get it all apart and find the loose connection. I have an eM that I need to replace the screen on. Here you get some limited access to the cooling fan.

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Make sure all screws on the bottom are removed.

Really hope to hear back- other than that, the thing is fine. When I move the screen open or acer emachines 250-01g16i even a little the picture disappears and is filled with lines or is solid white. I am having trouble removing the screen from my em laptop.

Is there any way to get the latches back out?

If anyone has any other ideas, would be greatful if you could share. I was having a problem with the acer emachines 250-01g16i jack coming loose so when I got my netbook apart I put a couple of dabs of super glue on the bottom of the jack it.


eMachines G16i Specs – CNET

Are the 5 screws to get to the power jack in the under the keyboard area, or are they on the underside of the netbook holding the clam shell halves together? I usually use a guitar pick to separate top cover from the base. Acer emachines 250-01g16i removing the cover with your fingers.

Thank you for this acer emachines 250-01g16i tutorial. Very nice and very helpful as far as it goes. Inclusive see below note Warranty: Is there any way to replace this? Description Delivery Acer emachines 250-01g16i History. Thomas, the power jack is loose inside my case. Happy New Year all!! I too have a bad screen that I need to replace. I could not believe how poorly secured the power jack was.

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These had emachinnes beat for a while. You can support this site. Thanks for your help. I feared it was cracked…Thanks again!

Acer emachines 250-01g16i follow the link to the relevant website and enter your reference number.

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Make sure all cables located under the keyboard disconnected from the motherboard. Is there any way you can get the screen off?

Acer eMachine 250-01G16I Netbook, Black/ Silver Processor = Intel Atom

If so how faster did it make the netbook? Thanks for the great description on getting the keyboard out and the case apart. Took just a few minutes to complete once the key board was removed. Make sure all screws under the keyboard are removed. Image of slot is uploaded here: I also cut a couple of very small pieces of velcro, acer emachines 250-01g16i small acer emachines 250-01g16i, and put behind the jack to try to keep it from moving back inside.

The audio out port on my netbook has become quite fiddly. I have an old dell d that i am inquiring whether it would run faster than it.