The following code fragment illustrates how to set, register, and retrieve the contents of an IN OUT parameter assuming a connection conn and TimesTenCallableStatement instance cstmt:. This results in a writable locator. The following example demonstrates this. TimesTen returns warnings when something unexpected occurs. Free Blob resources when the application is done with it. This example should get you started developing Java problems utilizing Oracle TimesTen. Example Ex ecuting a ttCkpt call This example calls the ttCkpt procedure to initiate a fuzzy checkpoint.

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This step is not required with Java 6. Example Ex ecuting a ttCkpt oracle timesten jdbc. ClientFailoverEventListener interface An application interested in client failover events must have a class that implements this interface, which is the mechanism to listen for client failover events.

Application performance is affected by the choice of get XXX calls and by any required data transformations after invocation. Oracel former is to set a timeout, where if the timeout duration is reached, oracle timesten jdbc statement stops executing and an error is thrown.

Create a connection URL for the database and specify connection attributes. In this mode, you can optionally specify replication tracks. You cannot have multiple open ResultSet objects per statement.

This section covers the following additional features:. For a Java 5. Oracle timesten jdbc sections discusses how to bind input or output parameters for SQL statements. Because LOB objects do not remain valid past the oracle timesten jdbc of the transaction in TimesTen, it is not feasible to use them with autocommit enabled. Because Timeste strings are immutable, getString must allocate space for a new oracle timesten jdbc each time it is called.

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The TimesTen binding mechanism early binding differs from that of Oracle Database late binding. The following topics are covered: If you are evaluating the callable statement with different parameter values in a loop, close the orac,e each time at the end of the loop. When fatal errors occur, TimesTen performs the full cleanup and tinesten procedure: With this method signature, in addition to specifying the parameter position, specify the desired type of the returned associative array orale to java.

After you have created a DSN, your application can connect to the database. General connection attributes require no oracle timesten jdbc privilege. LOB factory methods are absent in Java 5.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

You can execute procedures and functions through the CallableStatement interface, with a prepare step first when appropriate such as when a result set is returned. Fatal errors are indicated by TimesTen oracle timesten jdbc codes and TimesTen returns warnings when something unexpected occurs.

You can retrieve the current threshold value by using the getQueryTimeThreshold method of the TimesTenStatement object. Return the current LOB prefetch value that applies to the statement either a value set in the statement itself or the oracle timesten jdbc value from the connection, as applicable. Follow the procedures described in “Setting the environment for Java development”.


Features and functionality of JDBC support oracle timesten jdbc automatic client failover Configuration of automatic client failover Synchronous detection of automatic client failover Asynchronous detection of automatic client failover Note: The query timeout limit has effect only when the SQL statement is actively executing. Takes a String or RowId object oracle timesten jdbc Java 6. This would apply, for example, to the following statement:. This section describes what you should know when using ResultSet objects from TimesTen.

(Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

JDBC support for oracle timesten jdbc client failover Automatic client failover is for use in High Availability scenarios with a TimesTen active standby pair replication configuration.

For the SQL statement above, the two occurrences of a are considered to be a single parameter, so cannot be bound separately: Client fa ilover features for oracle timesten jdbc connections TimesTen recommends that applications using pooled connections javax.

Ad ditional TimesTen classes and interfaces In addition to implementations discussed previously, TimesTen provides the following classes and interfaces in the com. This section discusses autocommit and manual commits or rollbacks, assuming a JDBC Connection object myconn and Statement object mystmt.